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Admittedly, actress Sarah Chalke is a fresh face in the Hollywood business even though she has been around for the past sixteen years when she started out on Canadian TV at a young age before appearing on Roseanne in 1993 where she played the role of Becky “Conner” Healy which was originally portrayed by Lecy Goranson. This was somehow her launching pad to Hollywood stardom and it wasn’t until 2001 when she was given the part of Dr. Elliot Reid for the NBC comedy series Scrubs, from there she went on to do other endeavors aside from television work and she appeared on several movies like Cake, Chaos Theory and Mama’s Boy. Currently she has been doing semi-regular appearances on another TV sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, aside from her regular stint with Scrubs. Sarah is also a vegetarian and is a devout fan of The Beatles that she even requested that the song “Eight Days a Week” be played for Scrubs’ season three finale.

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